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Dating Rule : What Exactly Is The Perfect Female Body?

Ah, the million dollar question, what exactly is the perfect female body? Today i shall discuss what exactly the perfect female body is, it may differ from quite a lot of your views and society views, but deep down, i’m pretty sure this is what guys (who don’t have any weird fetishes, of course) really want to see in their girl. *Deploys fire flaming-wall*

Skinnier Does NOT = Sexier


There’s a thin line between being skinny and being slim, they may both start with an ‘s’ but they mean the world of difference when describing a girl. Skinny, means you’re under-nourished because you’ve starved yourself too much of food in an attempt to be “sexier”. However, there is always a line that needs to be drawn. And that line is well, at skinny of course. The equation that skinny = sexier does not hold true as that way, no offense, but starved famished women of the world would be the sexiest women in the world, yes? God made human flesh for a reason, and that’s to give the human skeleton some added shape, so don’t work towards being all skin and bones as technically, in a way i cannot fully justify yet, that would be sinning. Thus, with the fact that skinny does NOT = sexy in mind, let us analyze how to be slim, and not skinny.


Slim Means Perfect.. in one of the many language interpretations out there i believe.


(Yes i still love Hayden Panettiere despite her gross acts in Heroes) Being slim is the way to go, or as many people would call it now, FTW (Fabulously Thin Women). Being slim does not mean eating less, but it does mean leading a healthy lifestyle, which, contrary to what most anorexic people believe, is eating and exercising. Of course, you shouldn’t over-exercise (no offense please don’t pummel me Miss Strong) to being all bulky, but a little muscle, i believe, is a huge turn on for many men. Many of the models out there don’t only have diet plans, they have diet and exercise plans. Thus, with that in mind, women now have an extra incentive to hit the gym, besides the incentive of there overflowing with iron bending alpha males.


Get A Tan! Edward Cullen’s influence on pearly freakishly white skin is over!


Bella (from the Twilight movie) is only so white because she has a skin mutation problem! There’s a reason why the phrase “a healthy tan” exists, and just for the record, vampires being as white as they are, are not exactly healthy since they are, after all, theoretically dead. Thus, the simple linking equation of white = death is drawn and thus justifying the existence of the phrase “as pale as death”. Okay, forgive me for wandering waaaay off topic, but sad as it is to many sunblock companies (not so for tanning salons), being white and pale is not what most guys find attractive, some might, but not most. So get out of the house and start running! Soak up as much of that vitamin D as you can without getting skin cancer!


Lose The Spectacles! (Note : I am by no means a secret affiliate to the “World organization of  contact lens > spectacles”)


As much as i believe perfection is perSPECtive (pun intended hahaha), i also too believe that spectacles do not exactly enhance your looks. Sunglasses, maybe, but spectacles, not so much. They form a barrier, so to speak, that prevents  completely pure eye contact and depending on how thick your spectacles are, covers up quite a bit of your face (yes, your face is as crucial to attraction as any of your other assets may be). So, try to lose the spectacles and get contact lenses, they are much sexier (:


All that, as far as my limited knowledge is concerned, is what i believe most guys would deem as the perfect female body. You are free, and (i hope i’m not going to regret this) welcomed to comment / compliment (hopefully?) / flame  this post to your heart’s deepest desires.

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Ready? Set? Go Flame!


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